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Quantum GIS tutorial

Announcing a new Quantum GIS Tutorial. In 2 1/4 hours of video and more than 7000 words of text, I show you how to download and install, and open, navigate and interpret GIS maps. I have wanted to teach an introductory Geographical Information Systems course for years. Until recently, a fully multi-media web based course has just been too difficult to teach. But recently there has been a perfect storm of computer hardware, internet infrastructure and open source GIS software. The result is the QGIS for Newbies eCourse.

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AIDS Washington Thumbnail

Maps that Lie! A HIV-AIDS example has a web application that allows you to view aids information for the United States on a map. However, you need to be careful when comparing the maps. As is often the case with mapping projects such as this, the color scheme of the maps is misleading.

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Public health map of the Soho area cholera outbreak by Dr John Snow

Public Health Map Used To Stem Cholera Outbreak

The 19th Century doctor, John Snow, was one of the fathers of GIS. He used a hand-drawn public health map to stem a cholera outbreak.

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GPS art

Using GPS for Art

Ever thought of your local city as a canvas for Art? Michael Wallace has.

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