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Quantum GIS tutorial

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Announcing the “QGIS for Newbies” Quantum GIS Tutorial

The Challenge… Shade a GIS Map in 5 Steps

You’ll learn…

* What is a GIS
* How to download and install QGIS.
* How to open GIS air photos and maps in QGIS.
* How to zoom in and out, query, measure…
* How to interpret a GIS map.
* How to create your first shaded map, step-by-step.

and more…

* 3 hours of subtitled video
* Video transcripts
* Study notes
* Sample dataset

I hope you’ll join me in my simple and practical approach to teaching GIS.  Just enter a name and email in the box to the side and I send you your login details.

The signup form for the “Quantum GIS for Newbies” eCourse is just to the right ->.

I have wanted to teach an online introduction to GIS (Geographical Information Systems) course for some time now. Recently there has been a technological “perfect storm” and the obstacles that stood in the way have now disappeared…

  • The GIS’s I considered teaching were not user-friendly enough, were flakey, or too expensive.
  • The internet was too slow for the full multi-media experience I was hoping to achieve.
  • The desktop software to create the multi-media experience was not quite there.
  • The computer hardware was not quite there.
  • The membership website software was not quite there.
  • The “cloud” was not quite there.

You can tell a lot from the shapes in a map, and air photos are not just pretty pictures!